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Kamile Aleksander


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Take your best photo.

Camera shy?

Yeah, me too.

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Hey, nice to see you here.
I’m Kamile, your wannabe photographer.


I believe this is the part where I have to tell you a little something about myself.
Okay, so - I am a former makeup artist, graphic designer and photographer.


A few years ago, I thought that makeup artistry will be my forever career until I found my way to design, which eventually led to photography. At first, I was organizing commercial shoots, working with models, photographers, videographers, creating mood boards and sometimes even retouching the pictures. I still do all of those things, except that now, I take the photos myself. I have had a chance to work with a lot of great professionals, which have taught me what it takes to become one myself. 

I believe that my past experiences have been a major positive impact on my work today. And I can help you achieve your best look, from start to finish.

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Together, we'll unleash the perfection that's already in you. 


Set the date & talk about your expectations and wishes.


Gather inspiration and 

create a moodboard.


Style your outfits, communicate about makeup and hair. 


The fun part - actual photoshoot.


Last step - retouching and waiting for end results.

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My most important task while working with clients is to bring true joy and boost their confidence levels.

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To find their best angles 

and show them how beautiful they are through my eyes.

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Su Kamile dirbti vienas malonumas! Žino ko nori, kaip turi atrodyti rezultatas, niekada neleis jaustis nejaukiai prieš kamerą ir visada ras gražiausius žmogaus kampus! Labai nuoširdžiai rekomenduoju, amazing panelė!!!


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Turėdama pakankamai patirties su kitais fotografais galiu drąsiai sakyti – Kamilė išskirtinė. Ji ne tik įgyvendino, bet ir pranoko visus mano lūkesčius, neleido pasimesti prieš objektyvą, o svarbiausia – davė įvairiausių pozavimo patarimų. Rezultatas – geras laikas, nuostabios nuotraukos bei nauja draugystė su Kamile, kurią rekomenduoju visiems draugams!


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Where are you located?

I'm based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Open to travelling.

What do I wear?

No worries, styling comes with the photoshoot, so we will figure it out together.

Am I too old for a shoot?

No one is too old/young to have beautiful pictures of themselves, I say go for it!

What if I am camera-shy?

Trust me, I am too. It takes a little time, but I'm pretty sure I can help you overcome it.

What are the prices?

Would be best to tell me more about your vision. Contact me for more detailed info.

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Ok, and now, let me take your best photo.

Or, follow me on Instagram

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